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'Be Winter Wise' 

UKIFDA Check List

As a UKIFDA approved distributor, Ukay energy want to keep our customers informed and share our best tips for being “Winter Wise”.

The colder months can often bring a financial and physical burden for heating oil users with additional pressure on infrastructure and the seasonal price increases.

Ukay energy want to help our customers eliminate these stresses with our 5-point plan to being “Winter Wise”.


Need to know more?

The 'Be Winter Wise' campaign was launched by UKIFDA to help and show the public what we are doing to help this winter. 

See below the 5 point plan of how Ukay energy can help you pre order ahead of the freezing months ahead. 

If you require more information contact our helpful sales team on or alternatively call 01473 825 161


5 point plan

It's time to tick off your 'Winter Wise' checklist.

The colder months are almost here, and so the Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) and the UK and Ireland Fuel Distribution Association (UKIFDA), have made a simple checklist to help you become ‘Winter Wise’ and prepare for the winter ahead. The 5 important tips that will help our heating oil users prepare for winter and we’re happy to spread the word to all our Ukay energy customers.

With the colder months fast approaching, be sure to start ticking off your list now.


Keep your system maintained


OFTEC (the Oil Firing Technical Association) recommend having your oil heating system and boilers serviced annually by a local OFTEC engineer. This will ensure your system is working at optimum efficiency and should prevent unexpected system breakdowns.

Click here to visit OFTECs website to find your local registered boiler technician.



LOCK-IN your winter heating oil deliveries


Ukay energy offer our customers the option of LOCKING-IN their winter fuel deliveries early. This allows customers to stay ahead of the seasonal price increases and to ensure they have a secured delivery slot in peak season. During the colder months, emergency deliveries may not always be possible or could incur additional costs so make sure to book heating oil deliveries early to avoid disappointment.


Click here to place an order with our LOCK-IN scheme


Sign up for the Cold Weather Priority Scheme


Heating oil users who are aged 75 years or older are eligible to sign up to UKIFDA’s Cold Weather Priority (CWP) scheme. This initiative comes at no cost to customers and helps identify users who are most vulnerable to cold conditions and can help Ukay energy prioritise heating oil deliveries accordingly.


Click here to sign up for the CWP scheme today.







Stuggling to pay?


Ukay energy budget plan scheme is a more viable and cost-effective way of paying your fuel bill. You have the flexibility of spreading the cost of your home heating oil into manageable amounts of your choice over a 12-month period to suit your individual budget. These payments will be deducted from your totals when booking a heating oil delivery leaving hefty fuel bills a thing of the past.


Click here to sign up for a budget plan account today.




Choose a UKIDFA-accredited distributor


Ukay energy are proud to be a UKIFDA member. Ensuring your fuel supplier is a member of UKIFSA makes certain for the safest and most efficient storage, handling, and delivery of fuel. This accreditation also provides additional customer protection that non-member companies may not offer.


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