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Looking for a way to budget and save?

We have a solution for you.

Our 'Budget Plan Scheme' is a more viable and cost effective way of paying your fuel bill. You have the flexibility of spreading the cost of your home heating oil into manageable amounts over a 12 month period to suit your individual budget. There are no set up fees and no fixed contract, you have full control. As an added bonus all successful applicants will be rewarded with a £10 voucher which can be redeemed with your next order. 

With this flexible payment option, having to suddenly face the burden of large heating bills will be a thing of the past. 

If you have any questions, please contact our sales team on 01473 825 161 or email and one of the team will be glad to help you get signed up

Smarter way to pay.

Advantages of having a Budget Plan Plus account:

  • Keep your tank topped-up without having to contemplate hefty fuel bills


  • Flexible payments - monthly instalments specifically designed to suit your individual budget


  • No fixed long-term contract - you decide what to pay and when to stop


  • Receive a monthly statement showing all transactions, orders and account balance

  • No administration fee


Apply today for a Budget
Plan account

In need of help? Conatct our sales team today on 01473 825 161


What's next?

All you need to do is to supply us with your estimated annual fuel consumption and we will calculate your monthly payment based on the last 12 months average fuel price and future market movements. We will then advise a monthly payment to you based on this, you can then accept our calculated figure or you can choose a more favourable amount to suit your own budget. 

Please be advised that if you choose to pay a lesser monthly amount than we have recommended, this may leave you with a shortfall that will need to be paid before your fuel delivery.

Once a suitable monthly payment amount has been agreed, we will simply collect payment by direct debit each month on the agreed due date and we will also supply you with an up to date balance on your account. You are free to terminate your agreement with us at any time in writing and we will refund any monies that you have accrued. 

Want to know more?

For further information on how you can budget to heat your home please download our ecobudgetplan flyer:

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