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What is Fuelwatch & what does it do?

The Fuelwatch Monitor is your complete fuel supply and monitoring solution device, giving you full peace of mind that wherever you are, your fuel tank is being guarded and has sufficient supply.


Ukay energy’ Fuelwatch Monitor does more than just monitor your fuel tank, it also acts as an anti theft device.

It will detect any unusual decrease in oil levels, and  activate an alarm notifying you via email or text message.

Setting the device to alert you once it reaches the programmed low level limit, the unit can be automated to place an order with Ukay energy at your request, ensuring you don’t run out. Monitoring your daily consumption, enabling you to control your fuel cost is made easy with the Magnus app or website portal.

Magnus Monitor Radar Tank Monitor
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Keeping you up to date on the go

Always just at the end of your finger tips

Magnus / Fuelwatch Monitor App

For further assistance/information, please download our brochure below or call one of our advisors on 01473 825 161

Fuelwatch Monitor App

Key features

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Highly accurate level sensor that can remotely monitor tanks up to 4m in height

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Unaffected by environmental factors such as temperature, dust or humidity

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Simple to install - no requirement for drilling on plastic and no aperture needed.

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5 years of security with our ultra low power and long life battery.

Finally, it will monitor your daily consumption, enabling you to control your fuel cost. All of the above can be easily monitored and accessed via the Magnus app or website portal.


Monitoring your daily usage


How does the monitor work?

The monitor uses radar to measure the height of the contents in the tank

How do you install the monitor and is it easy to install?

On a plastic tank, installation is as simple as applying some of the recommended sealant and placing the monitor in the correct position as outlined in the short installation video above. You won’t need to worry about this too much as a highly skilled member of our team will install the monitor for you.

How accurate is the monitor?

The accuracy of the monitor is +/- 5mm

How long does the battery typically last?

Battery life is dependent on several conditions but, within outlined parameters relating to temperature and frequency of messaging, the  battery will last 5 years.

What type of container can the monitor be installed on?

The monitor is suitable for all types of plastic tanks up to 3.5m in height.
Metal tanks must come equipped with a gauge hole for the monitor to access the tanks interior.

Is the monitor sensitive to its environment?

No, the radar is unaffected by environmental factors such as temperature or humidity

I have a number of tanks piped together, will the Fuelwatch Monitor work in  this scenario?

Yes, the Fuelwatch monitor can be used on multiple piped tanks as long as the volume of oil in the tanks drops at an equal level in each tank. You can place the monitor on one of the tanks in the same fashion as a single tank installation

What is the typical measurement range?

The monitor measures from 0.15-4m in range

Simply contact our friendly sales team on 01473 825 161 or email 

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