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What is Ultra Low Sulphur Petrol (ULSP)?

Ultra-low-sulfur petrol (ULSP) is petrol fuel with substantially lowered sulfur content. The move to lower sulfur content allows for the application of advanced emissions control technologies that substantially lower the harmful emissions from diesel combustion.


What is Ultra Low Sulphur Petrol (ULSP) used for?

Ultra Low Sulphur Petrol (ULSP) is suitable for use in all petrol engine vehicles where the vehicle manufacturer recommends the use of an unleaded petrol with a Research Octane Number of 95 (RON 95).


Unleaded Petrol is not suitable for use in all vehicles and in cases of doubt the vehicle manufacturers should always be consulted prior to use. 


Ultra Low Sulphur Petrol exceeds the latest requirements of the relevant British and European Standard specifications BS EN 228 and contains a detergent additive to help keep carburettors, fuel injectors and inlet valves clean, maintaining driveability and performance. 


Ultra Low Sulphur Petrol (ULSP) specification

For more information on Ultra low sulphur petrol specification please download the spec sheet below:



How is Ultra Low Sulphur Petrol (ULSP) made?

Most petroleum is found by drilling down through rocks on land or off-shore on the continental shelf. Major producers are in the Middle East, the Americas, and Russia.


It is the most important world fuel source. It supplies 38% of the world's energy and is also used to make petrochemicals.


Petrol vehicles in the UK are now fuelled by E10. E10 is compatible with petrol powered vehicles manufactured after 2011.

For further information and to see if you’re your vehicle is affected by the recent changed see the link to the gov website.

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