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Meet the team

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Jessica Barnett

Chief Operating Officer

Jess has worked for Ukay energy since January 2012 and has dedicated her time here to building the honourable reputation each and every one of her customers knows her for. The premium service she provides for all customers and her first-class knowledge of the fuel industry ensures the entire business runs without fault. This commitment to the business is what has seen Jess transition from an Account Manager to Sales Manager and now to Chief Operating Officer. Her no-nonsense, honest approach to all situations installs complete confidence and allows her to build an incredible rapport with all clients, guaranteeing their happy return to Ukay energy time and time again.

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Chloe Bryant

Procurement and Commercial Sales

Chloe joined Ukay energy in 2020 in an administrative role. However, she quickly caught the attention of our sales team who she swiftly moved over to work with. Her quick-wit and affable nature has allowed her to establish an incredible relationship with all customers. Being a

fast-paced learner has meant that in the short time she has been with Ukay energy she has gained an excellent knowledge of the fuel industry, making her an asset to the team.

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Tracy Green

Domestic Sales Executive

Tracy manages the domestic division of Ukay energy. She is renowned for her friendly telephone manner and willingness to help every customer. Her flexibility and empathetic nature ensures every customer experience is positive. Tracy joined the company in August 2018 and has spent her time at Ukay energy studying the heating oil market and becoming an expert on everything kerosene, a skill that doesn’t go unnoticed by her valued customers and colleagues.

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Ricky Haydon

Marketing Manager

Ricky is responsible for managing the Ukay energy brand, conducting market research, and producing marketing and promotional materials. Ricky's knowledge and positive attitude shines through in every piece of his work.

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Rebecca Murkin

Senior Accounts Administrator

Rebecca is an integral part of the Ukay energy team. Being highly self-motivated and super organised allows her to solely handle the accounts for both the domestic and commercial divisions of the business. She is popular with all customers and staff for her calm, well-mannered persona. Since joining Ukay energy in 2018, Rebecca has progressed from Junior Accounts Assistant to Senior Accounts Administrator and continues to excel in all aspects of her role.

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Emily Twomey

Customer Sales Advisor 

Emily became a member of the Ukay energy team in April 2023. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm for customer satisfaction is what has already made her a standout asset to the team. She is organised, efficient and willing to do everything in her power to solve problems and keep her customers happy. Her dedication to her job allows the business to continue to progress and achieve targets.

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